Bio: Hometown: Chicago area Hometown once I had a choice: 300+ days of sun a year and mountains brought me to Denver, Colorado What I did before I knew what I wanted to do: Management Consulting, specializing in change management/ corporate transformation projects...for 9 years What I did when I didn’t want to do that, but didn’t know what I wanted to do: I realized that many of the change management principles I was versed in from my professional experience were applicable to personal transformation. I used this to guide my own personal change, treating myself like my own client. I practiced trying new things and encountering unknowns. And I finally took the leap to leave for Argentina to wander, discover my passions, and create a life around them. Where this has taken me: About 6 months of living in Mendoza and another 4 in Bariloche, as well as adventures in Buenos Aires, Patagonia, Northern Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Colombia. I am writing this book about my story, the story of what sparked this journey and the adventure it took me on. It’s about the process and the wandering, the adventures and the challenges, the passions and the dreams coming to life. Dream job, ahem, dream lifestyle design: a flexible mix of writer, photographer, adventurer, transformation guide and things that I don’t even know yet

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