Dancing with Abundance

What a fitting time of year to be writing about abundance as the Northern Hemisphere celebrates the colorful harvest and the Southern Hemisphere bursts with the green of new life all around.

If you look at the word abundance itself, it seems to almost break into the words ‘abound’ and ‘dance’…as in, many opportunities abound! Anything is possible! And it is the interactive, connected, boundless nature of energy and life force in us that enables abundance. It is the dance we do with each other and spirit that brings these opportunities to life. And the great news is that we are all a part of this dance.

So how do we dance and seize the opportunities that abound? Perhaps it starts with recognizing the innate goodness inside each of us that makes anything possible that we choose to believe, that comes from this place of truth. We are all born with this space and ability to be good and to follow our true nature. The more of us acting from this space, the more opportunity for abundance. And because each of us have this space then we can know that there is enough goodness to go around for everyone. It is intangible, which can make it scary, but because of its intangibility it is endless. Our true nature and everything that comes along with it is something to be shared, not given away or taken.

After all, we are all unique and so we will have our own way of tapping into and interacting with this goodness, this essence. From this space we can feel the potential of what is possible and we can be in relationship with it within ourselves and each other. And the more we honor our own nature and encourage others to blossom, the more we share in this dance.

It may be helpful to take a look at the opposite of abundance, scarcity, to draw a more complete picture. The images, emotions and words that arise when I think of scarcity are: negative, emptiness, being without, alone, fear-based, limited, selfish, restrained and just plain dark. I see abundance as positivity, coming from within, connected, possible, confident, aware, present, fulfilling, collective, limitless, accessible and colorful.

Why do we need abundance? What does abundant thinking do for us? It helps us look for the positive in our lives and to see what we do have. It helps us look for opportunities and to believe that they are possible. It encourages us to help each other and participate actively in the collective evolutionary journey. We overcome fears…fear of running out of money or time, fearof unfulfilled dreams. We live in the present…we no longer need to say “ah, someday…” or “I will be happy when…” or “I will do xyz when…” Thinking abundantly shows gratitude and acknowledges Spirit and intentions and the power to manifest that we each have when acting from our true nature.

Some simple examples of switching from scarcity thinking to abundant thinking (These are for exemplary purposes. Any one of these or another example could be a whole blog):

Scarcity thinking: Someone took my idea and they are successful and now I’ll never make it as a ________. I’m jealous.
Abundant thinking: I am unique and have my own angle to share that resonates with others. This person’s success is an example of that. I’m curious and learning.

What actions can we take towards abundance? How do we think and act abundantly?

  • Change scarcity statements into affirmations.
  • When sitting in scarcity or perceived scarcity, acknowledge what you do have and see the abundance. It is available.
  • Meditate, be present. The past has brought us to this moment. The future will be decided based on what we do and feel in the present. Be abundant with your present moment.
  • Help others from a true space (not conditional giving).
  • Set intentions and believe they are possible.
  • Trust.

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